Thursday, October 24, 2013


Alas! I am back with yet another easy craft that is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. When decorating for Halloween, I try not to go the spooky route. There are some houses in my neighborhood that has zombies running through their yard, tomb stones, skeletons and some even go as far as having fog machines. That's just not my jam. I, quite frankly, am not a fan of getting the dickens scared out of me. Sign me up for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Thanks.

I didn't go all out for Halloween. But I did make a super cute door hang that I love. Here are the materials:

I bought some letters from Michaels that are about 5-6" tall. I also bought some orange craft paint and a spool of black and white polka-dot ribbon. You'll also need a staple gun, paint brush and some scissors.

Step one:

Paint the letters. I used foil to paint on top of because it doesn't stick and it makes for easy clean up.

Step two:

Let dry.......



OK! Step three:

Cut some ribbon to make a loop on the top letter, B. Attach it using the staple gun.

Step Four:

Cut more ribbon to separate the rest of the letters. I cut a piece about 6" long. Although, looking at the finished product, I may go back and cut them shorter. Anyhoo, here it is:

Do it for the remaining O, and once that's all done, hang it up! Please excuse the crappy phone picture...

Ta-Da! The only thing left to do is plug in that jack-o-lantern and lay down some orange lights that I have to go in the bushes. I tried to hook them up last week but something is wrong with the plug outside... womp womp. Put that on the hubby's list of things-to-do! 

Speaking of the hubby, check out the pumpkin that we he carved!

It's a VW Bus! He's always wanted one (the actual car), but it seems as though this pumpkin is as close as he's going to get for now. Which is pretty unfortunate since it got moldy and the roof collapsed within a mere three days. It's since been thrown out. Oh well. It was cute while it lasted!

Just one more thing left to do before Halloween: watch Hocus Pocus!

-C Doc

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