Friday, August 16, 2013

What's right with the world...

Lately, when you turn on the TV there is usually some trashy show on that either features girls clawing each other’s weave out, or guys fighting over skanky girls with morals so low they don’t even know what morals actually are. You know what I’m talkin’ about? And I’m not going to lie, I watch some crappy TV from time to time. Its mind numbing. And some days, I need something that’s going to melt my brain and take me away from the stresses of day to day life.  But there is one show that makes me appreciate the small things in this crazy world. And that, my friends, is Duck Dynasty.
The show started back up this past Wednesday for its fourth season and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s a show that you can watch with kids and adults, alike. It’s wholesome family television; and while they do kill the occasional duck, frog, squirrel or beaver, it shows that life doesn’t have to be so “yuppie” all of the time(in the words of Phil Robertson, the creator of the famous duck call). Material things don’t really matter in the long run because all you’re going to have left at the end of the day is the people you surround yourself with.
This family lives the simple life, aside from running a multimillion dollar company. They work together, hunt together, eat together, have fun together and most importantly, pray together. In my eyes, Duck Dynasty showcases a rare union; godly men that are madly in love with their wives and would do anything for their children. It’s hard to find that now-a-days. While watching the show, I can’t help but feel happy and hopeful that this show will somehow change people’s outlooks on things. The world would be a better place if we went at it with a cup of sweet tea in hand like my favorite guy, Si. He’s got the funniest personality and has some goofy stories that always seem to get you laughing. I could go on and on talking this show up, so I’ll put a halt to it before it gets out of control. With that, I’ll leave you some fun activities that can go along with my favorite show:
A fun workout that will have you as tired as their bird dogs at the end of a hunt:
And for my boozers, a drinking game to go along with their infamous one-liners!

Quack, quack, Jack!
-C Doc

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh, hey!

Haven't checked in for about a week so I thought I'd throw some randomness at you guys. Ready? Good, let's begin.

Sean and I have a new hobby. It involves our backyard, globe lights, drinks, music, our pups and a tennis ball. It's quite possibly the best and easiest hobby ever. We also have bananas growing from our tree, which I'm totally stoked about! I can't wait to eat these little guys; they're soooo sweet and scrumptious :)

Notice the puppy dog eyes glowing in the back?

The cute little itty-bitty flowers that we planted months ago are out. of. control! and I love it.

We spent Friday evening/night scooting around on the boat. We watched the sunset and stopped at a restaurant for dinner and drinks. It was so beautiful and it was a fabulous time spent with friends. I live for those kind of nights.

I found an article in a local newspaper for a vintage market that is held monthly in our area. I went on Saturday to check it out and it was pretty cool! They had a lot of old collectables, along with some cute restored furniture.  If you live in the area, stop in there! It's worth it just to see some of the ways they used odds and ends to create different things. I love creative things :)

I also went to a place that I had driven past about 654,843,716 times since I've existed on this planet. Nobody really knew anything about it and nobody I know has ever gone there... So, I decided to go. Have you ever heard of the Florida Orange Grove Winery? It's the nifty place in South Pasadena that has the brightly colored marquee that showcases all of their tropical tasting wines and it is truly a hidden gem. I went there with some girlfriends out of curiosity. We were greeted by a friendly worker that asked us if we were interested in doing a tour/tasting. I asked how much it cost and when she said it was free, she got a collective "yes!!!" from all three of us girls. They produce all of the wine they sell right in that building. It looks pretty small from the road, but it's actually quite large! The wines are very fruity because it is actually fermented fruit juice. Most "fruity" wines that people drink are fruit infused, these were literrally fruit-wine. The tour was neat and the tasting was even better. We got to try their four most popular wines, choose three extras that we would like to taste and we also got to try the amazing wine smoothies that they make. Yes, you heard me correctly. wine. smoothie. Can it get any better?!?!? If you haven't popped in there yet, I highly recommend you do. You'll enjoy it. Promise.

And then, this happened...

We went to John's Pass to walk around and hang out. Sometimes we forget to take advantage of where we live and the activities that are available to us. So, we went and enjoyed a few hours on the boardwalk, had some beverages, sweat our butts off, bought some sandals, got jealous of the people at the sandbar (our normal hangout on the weekends), and watched the boats go in and out of the pass. It was awesome! Plus, some of the cool little bars sell craft beers that are locally made, which is pretty neat if you ask me :)

One last thing! Monday night I made a calzone that was the size of Texas!

Well, it's not actually the size of Texas, but it was pretty darn big! There was a pound of hamburger, a whole container of ricotta cheese, a bag of mozzarella cheese, a package of pepperonis and a whole small onion in it. The crust was big enough to make a thick large pizza. And while it doesn't look all that big, it is sitting on a 13"x18" cookie sheet. Yeah. That sucker was huge. And it was so good! You can find the directions and everything you need to know about it on my cousin-in-law's blog! It's quite adorable; she's got some great recipes and some cute crafts that anyone could do! Be sure to check it out:

That sums up all of the random happenings that are currently going on in my life. Hope you all are doing well!

-C Doc