Friday, November 1, 2013


Hallow ghouls and boys! I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! I made a little set up in our front yard for our pumpkins and put out a bench that we could sit on to hand out candy. The thought of listening to my dogs bark each time a kid knocked on the door makes me cringe. Luckily, it was really nice outside which made it that much better.

Like last year, my dad got all dressed up in his super cool Frankenstein costume and scared little kids. Here he is with my mom:

They’re so funny. Whenever he’s in costume, she becomes his little sidekick. Because of the face mask, it makes it hard for him to see where he’s going, so she guides him. When he becomes hot, she helps him take off his mask. When a swarm of kids come up, she helps him put it back on and tuck the neck part into his shirt. And, without fail, if the man wants a sip of beer, she’s right there at his side with a cold brewski in hand. They make a good pair, those two.
Hearing the comments from the kids make my Halloween each year. Here are some:
“Is that a real person in there?”
“Is he really that tall?” (He stands almost 8’ tall in costume)
“I just want some candy…”
“Trick or AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (and then they run)
As for the hubby and I, we just threw on some silly hats that we had around the house: 

I got that Jamaican hat with the dreads at a folk fair wayyyy back in middle school. It’s Sean’s go-to hat whenever we have a party and he gets a little tipsy. Thankfully he does not start talking like them, the hat is enough… I had on my moose hat. No explanation there. And Derek was a drunk looking hobo with candy on his head that kept saying “Jamaican me crazy, mon!” and “I’m not giving you any candy unless you say Trick or Treat”. Never a dull moment. 

Last weekend my friend had her annual Halloween party, which is always a good time! And I just have to brag, my costume only cost me $5.00! Can’t beat that! 
Cat Woman, out. Happy November!
-C Doc

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